Hare & Hounds 1Hare & Hounds
Points race around fixed navigation marks
Date: 29/10
Official: Jonathan Clark
Start: 13:45
Start Line: ESSC
Tide: 14:37 (4.7m)
Racers: 49 (ESC - 32, ESSC - 17)
Patrol boats: 2 from ESC
Sort:Reverse sort direction
Alex Johnson / Angela Johnson (ESC)20002315Finished
Tom Le Quesne / Georgina Le Quesne (ESC)200021216Finished
Wilbur Palmer Ward / Max Devonport (U18 ESC)42051348On
Tristan Southern / Harry Slight (U18 ESC)42053218Finished
Derrick Johnson (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero114Finished
Jez Adams (ESSC)Devoti D-ZeroGBR133DNF
Peter Jenkins (ESC)Devoti D-Zero173Finished
Penalties: No
Finish: Laser 200837 ahead of me, RS200 954 behind
Ben Oakley (ESC)Devoti D-Zero176Finished
Max Jones (ESC)Devoti D-Zero234Finished
Simon Boylin (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero311Finished
Tim Weeden (ESSC)Devoti D-ZeroGBR312Finished
Penalties: Touched Beacon Point at the start, but re-rounded and completed a 360 degree turn
Finish: Mark Rushall in front Mark Riddington behind
Self-timing: 01:42:24
Gareth Tweedle (ESC)Europe418Finished
Alex Thorsby (ESSC)Finn89Finished
Richard Sharp (ESSC)Finn90Finished
Andrew Devonport / Jonny Marshall (U18 ESC)Fireball12698On
Mike Lillywhite / Emma Pethybridge (ESSC)ISO815Finished
Freddy Southern (U18 ESC)Laser151640Finished
Toby Greatorex (ESC)Laser157682Finished
Neil Mant (ESC)Laser198904Finished
Finish: Just ahead of Mike Nicholls
Adam Cockerill (ESSC)Laser200837Finished
Conor Ledieurt (U18 ESC)Laser 4.7183551Finished
Matt Thorsby (ESSC)Laser Radial61695Finished
Cath Mant (ESC)Laser Radial125403Finished
Finish: Finished ahead of Matt Thorsby
Jim Hailstone (ESC)Laser Radial152279Finished
Michael Nicholls (ESC)Laser Radial182536Finished
Roger Weekes (ESSC)Laser Radial184144Finished
Dave Cooper (ESSC)Laser Radial190957Finished
Finish: Behind Matt Thorsby
Ian Geraghty (ESC)Laser Radial202547Finished
Graeme Chisnall (ESC)Laser RadialTbcDNS
Andrew Gould (ESSC)Musto Skiff584Finished
Paul Flint (ESC)Musto Skiff613Finished
Dick Batt (ESC)OK74Finished
Simon Townsend / Rob (ESC)Osprey1317Finished
Finish: 1322 Osprey in front
Ben Townsend / Ed Richardson (ESC)Osprey1322Finished
John Smithers (ESC)RS Aero 53195Finished
Jonathan Fiekd (ESC)RS Aero 71295Finished
Lester Korzilius (ESC)RS Aero 71818Finished
Finish: Bruce R in front Aero7 Alex & Angela behind 2000
Bruce Ramsay (ESC)RS Aero 71956Finished
Tom Kennedy (ESSC)RS Aero 72626Finished
Mark Riddington (ESSC)RS Aero 73656Finished
Julian Sutherland (ESC)RS Aero 91571Finished
Ruthie Gawley / Beanie Southern (U18 ESC)RS Feva XL5664Finished
Mikey ‘Big Boy’ Thompson / Jo Howells (ESSC)RS200954Finished
Mark Rushall / Liz Rushall (ESC)RS2001675Finished
Luke South (ESC)RS300520Finished
David Acres (ESC)RS300544Finished
Sean Curtis / Simon Goldfarb (ESSC)RS4001031Finished
Matt Johnston / Sara Townsend (U18 ESSC)RS4001346Finished
Penalties: Returned from OCS and recrossed line
Trevor Newley / Martin Wilson (ESC)RS4001384Finished