Hare and Hounds 2Hare & Hounds
Points race around fixed navigation marks

Date: 24/10

Official: Mark Riddington

Start: 13:45

Start Line: ESSC

Tide: 14:19 (4.6m)

Sign ups: 41 (ESSC - 15, ESC - 24, TISC - 2)

Place / Elapsed Time / Finish (Actual) Time(Show Method Used)

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Jonny Hepworth / Beanie Southern  (U18 ESC)20002374Finished
Tom Le Quesne / Rob Harrison (ESC)200021216Finished
Barbara Langford / Judith Greatorex (ESC)200021431Finished
Adam Southern / Freddy Southern  (ESC)40004304DNF
Jon Powell (ESC)Contender2720Finished
Derrick Johnson  (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero114Finished
Peter Jenkins (ESC)Devoti D-Zero173Finished
Penalties: No
Ben Oakley  (ESC)Devoti D-Zero176Finished
Simon Robinson  (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero268Finished
Jono Holland (ESC)Devoti D-Zero282Finished
Simon Boylin (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero311No
Alastair Forrest (ESC)Europe607Finished
Chris Gordon (ESSC)Laser168090DNS
Ian Griffiths  (ESSC)Laser Radial17883Finished
Matt Thorsby (ESSC)Laser Radial61695Finished
Paul Prior (ESSC)Laser Radial151638Finished
Gareth Tweedle (ESC)Laser Radial178210Finished
Finish: Mark stubbings
Self-timing: 1.30.36
Bryan Hodges / Helen Hodges (ESSC)Laser Stratos374Finished
Andrew Gould (ESSC)Musto Skiff584Finished
Paul Flint  (ESC)Musto Skiff613DNF
Simon Townsend / Rob Southern (ESC)Osprey1326Finished
Finish: Dave Acres was Behind
Travers Rudd (TISC)RS Aero 51213Finished
Penalties: No
Finish: Lester in front RS100 behind
Trevor Newley (ESC)RS Aero 71618Finished
Lester Korzilius  (ESC)RS Aero 71818Finished
Patrick Marshall (ESC)RS Aero 72440Finished
Mark Stubbings (ESC)RS Aero 72577Finished
High Kennedy (ESSC)RS Aero 72627No
John Smithers (ESC)RS Aero 73195Finished
Penalties: No
Martin Wilson (ESC)RS100 8.4221Finished
Paul Handley (ESC)RS100 8.4404Finished
Paul Fisk / Pippa Jubb (ESC)RS200545No
Toby Greatorex / Henry Langford (U18 ESC)RS2001260Finished
Mark Rushall / Liz Rushall (ESC)RS2001675Finished
Rhys Pickett (ESSC)RS300331Finished
Finish: 268 I think
Mike Thomson (ESSC)RS300364Finished
David Acres (ESC)RS300400Finished
Alex Thorsby (ESSC)RS300510Finished
Sean Curtis / Tom Trent (ESSC)RS4001031Finished
Finish: Alex thorsby
Ben Townsend / Harry Dinnage (ESC)RS4001418Finished
Finish: In front of Simon Townsend
Kimball Morrison (ESSC)Solo39Finished
Tomas Bowen-Perkins / Gareth Bowen-Perkins (TISC)Wayfarer11186Finished