Locke Trophy 4 / Howell'sLocke TrophyHowell
Series of three short races, around inflatable marks. Points from two of three races to count towards the day's event. Max PY 1240.

Date: 12/06

Race Officer: Dave Cockerill

Start: 13:00

Start Line: Committee Boat

Tide: 13:50 (4.4m)

Sign ups: 21 (ESSC - 6, ESC - 15)

Place / Elapsed Time / Finish (Actual) Time(Show Method Used)

RacerClassSail #Off
Roy Sievers / Adam Sievers And Ben Jefferies (U18 ESC)200021039Finished
Roy Sievers / Adam Sievers & Ben Jeffery (ESC)200021039DNC
Penalties: Duplicate entry hence classed as DNC? Hope ok
Eliza South / Megan Farrer (U18 ESC)29ER726Finished
Alastair Forrest (ESC)Europe607DNF
Matt Johnston  (ESSC)Finn41Finished
Penalties: No
James Fox / Theodore Fox (U18 ESC)Firefly1397Finished
Patrick Bonner  (ESC)Laser8Finished
Finish: Finished race 1/2, Did not start race 3
Rob Southern / Actually A Supernova Py1077 Not Listed  (ESC)Laser1071Finished
Helen Weekes  (ESSC)Laser Radial122205Finished
Sophie Taylor (U18 ESSC)Laser Radial202551Finished
Paul Flint  (ESC)Musto Skiff613Finished
Penalties: Only s if did first race.
Claire Power (ESSC)RS Aero 52321No
Mark Riddington (ESSC)RS Aero 73656Finished
Jim Fifield (ESSC)RS Aero 91052Finished
Lester Korzilius (ESC)RS Aero 91818Finished
Edward Parsons (ESC)RS Aero 93667Finished
Marcus Chavasse (ESC)RS100 8.4497Finished
Dominic Preston / Glen Grant (ESC)RS400782Finished
Ben Townsend / Harry Dinnage (ESC)RS4001062No
Trevor Newley / Martin Wilson (ESC)RS4001384Finished
Simon Townsend / Sara Townsend (ESC)RS4001418Finished