Hare and Hounds 10Hare & HoundsArchived
Points race around fixed navigation marks
Date: 19/12
Official: Hugh Kennedy
Start: 11:00
Start Line: ESSC
Tide: 11:28 (4.6m)
Racers: 48 (ESSC - 24, ESC - 21, TISC - 3)
Place / Elapsed Time / Finish (Actual) Time (Show Method Used)
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Max Devonport / Andrew Devonport (U18 ESC)2000ESC 1Finished
Alex Johnson / Angela Johnson (ESC)20002315Finished
Jonny Hepworth / Lou Duffy (ESC)20002374Finished
Andy Marshall / Simon Eveleigh  (ESSC)20002603No
Tom Le Quesne / Georgina Le Quesne (U18 ESC)200021216DNS
Pippa Gawley / Alex Gawley (ESC)200021994DNF
John Harris-Burland / Tim Bridgman (ESSC)200022559Finished
Finish: Buffalo was behind us.
Guy Goodman / Noel Coussens  (ESSC)200022600Finished
Jon Powell  (ESC)Contender2720Finished
David Valentine (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero66Finished
Finish: Bruce Ramsay just in front
Derrick Johnson  (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero114Finished
Penalties: No
Finish: Sean Curtis finished in front of me
Jez Adams (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero133Finished
Peter Jenkins (ESC)Devoti D-Zero173Finished
Finish: Aero 2627
Ben Oakley (ESC)Devoti D-Zero176No
Max Jones (ESC)Devoti D-Zero234DNS
Simon Boylin (ESSC)Devoti D-Zero311No
Tim Weeden (ESSC)Devoti D-ZeroGBR312Finished
Finish: Mark Riddington ahead
Self-timing: 01:39:33
Ben Davis (TISC)Devoti D-Zero319DNF
Penalties: Retired
Gareth Tweedle (ESC)Europe406Finished
Mike Lillywhite / Emma Pethybridge  (ESSC)ISO815Finished
Patrick Bonner (ESC)Laser8Finished
Sophie Taylor  (ESSC)Laser 4.78Finished
Penalties: Sorry, forgot to sign on before the race!
Sylvain Defer / Ross Smith (ESSC)Laser BahiaUnknownFinished
Ian Griffiths  (ESSC)Laser Radial17883No
Wendy Reynaud (ESSC)Laser Radial61740Finished
Penalties: None
Finish: 2000 John HB ahead / Helen Weekes behind
Paul Prior (ESSC)Laser Radial151638Finished
Jim Hailstone (ESC)Laser Radial152279Finished
Penalties: No
Sam Bradshaw (ESC)Laser Radial177910No
Roger Weekes  (ESSC)Laser Radial184144Finished
Helen Weekes  (ESSC)Laser Radial189098Finished
Bryan Hodges / Helen Hodges (ESSC)Laser Stratos374Finished
Andrew Gould (ESSC)Musto Skiff584Finished
Travers Rudd (TISC)RS Aero 51213Finished
Self-timing: 2:00:04 or thereabouts
B W Ramsay (ESC)RS Aero 71956Finished
Patrick Marshall (ESC)RS Aero 72440Finished
Finish: Bruce Ramsey ahead
Richard Kennedy (ESSC)RS Aero 72627Finished
John Derbyshire (ESC)RS Aero 73286Finished
Mark Riddington (ESSC)RS Aero 73656DNF
Self-timing: 97.34
Tom Kennedy (ESSC)RS Aero 92626Finished
Mark Rushall / Liz (ESC)RS2001675Finished
Finish: Dave Acres in front Dom behind
David Acres (ESC)RS300400Finished
Sean Curtis (ESSC)RS300432Finished
Luke South (ESC)RS300520Finished
Dominic Preston / Glen Grant (ESC)RS400792Finished
Matt Johnston / Claire Power (ESSC)RS4001346Finished
Finish: No one in front
Trevor Newley / Martin Wilson (ESC)RS4001384Finished
Stuart Coles / Alex Coles (U18 ESSC)Tasar51Finished
Tomas Bowen-Perkins / Gareth Bowen-Perkins (TISC)Wayfarer11186Finished